Explore the Cosmic Flavors of Space Mary’s SM8000 at 2nd Wife Vape

Experience the cosmos in every puff with Space Mary's SM8000 series, now proudly available at 2nd Wife Vape. Today, we’re inviting you to dive into a universe of flavor sensations that will elevate your vaping experience to astronomical heights. With an impressive 8000 puffs per device, the Space Mary SM8000 isn't just a vape, it's a journey through the stars.

So, why don’t you embark on a flavorful adventure as we explore some of the most captivating Space Mary SM8000 vape flavors?


Blue Trio Lemon: Immerse yourself in a citrus symphony that harmonizes three shades of blue fruit flavors with a zesty lemon twist.

Blue Razz: Take a trip down memory lane with the classic taste of blue raspberries, electrified with a modern tanginess.

Blue Gummy: Indulge in the nostalgic sweetness of sugary blue gummy bear flavor, reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats.

Lemonade Chill: Cool off with the refreshing sensation of iced lemonade, complete with a revitalizing cooling effect.

Strawberry Kiwi: Experience the collision of sweet and tart as ripe strawberries meet tangy kiwi in a bold and balanced profile.


However, know that the SM8000 experience goes beyond just flavor. With its 18ml e-liquid capacity and 5.0% nicotine content, each puff delivers a satisfying hit that's robust yet refined. Designed for simplicity and engineered for enjoyment, the SM8000 is a non-refillable and rechargeable vape pen equipped with a Type-C port for uninterrupted pleasure. 

Here at 2nd Wife Vape, we're proud to offer the Space Mary SM8000 series, ensuring that your vaping journey is always filled with top-tier products.


Whether you're a retailer looking to stock up on the finest from Space Mary or a flavor enthusiast seeking the ultimate vaping adventure, 2nd Wife Vape has you covered. Don't miss out on the final frontier of flavor – shop now at 2nd Wife Vape and let the Space Mary SM8000 propel your vape journey to the stars. Your cosmic adventure awaits.

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