The Differences Between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Cannabis

In the cannabis world, the known species of the plant cannabis are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. But there is one more strain, the Hybrid Cannabis.


Most people tend to be confused about these three. In this article, 2nd Wife has taken the initiative to differentiate these three for our readers.


What is Cannabis Indica?


In Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey, Cannabis Indica is a native plant. The plants have adapted to the Hindu Kush mountains' frequently harsh, dry, and unstable climate. It's short and stout with bushy, green, and chunky leaves. It grows wide and broad. It grows faster compared to Sativa. Also, it produces more buds.


The CBD levels in Indica are relatively higher. Also, its THC levels are average. It's used because of its intense relaxing effects but also for pain relief, nausea, and appetite stimulation. The Indica strain is better when used at night.


What is Cannabis Sativa?


Cannabis Sativa thrives in hot, arid areas with long sunny days. It often grows in parts of Western Asia, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Africa. It's tall and thin with finger-like leaves. By tall, we mean up to 12 feet. Also, it grows slower than other cannabis plants.


It has higher THC and very low CBD content. A mind high, or an energetic, anxiety-reducing effect, is frequently produced by Sativa. Sativa-dominant strains may make you feel creative and productive rather than rested and drowsy. Because of those effects, it's much better to use it in the daytime.


What is Hybrid Cannabis?


Usually, Sativa and Indica strains are combined to create hybrids, which are then produced on farms or in greenhouses. Its appearance depends on the parent plants, so it differs per hybrid. Hybrids are cultivated to increase the THC levels of the produced plants, but every hybrid produces a unique ratio of cannabinoids.


Hybrids can reduce anxiety and stress. Also, it aids in symptoms of chemotherapy or radiation. There is no recommended time of use of hybrids. It depends on the user.


Familiarizing yourself with the difference between cannabis species is essential because it gives you knowledge that will come in handy anytime.


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