What’s a Certificate of Analysis and How to Read It?

High-quality CBD products always come with a COA or Certificate of Analysis. Seasoned CBD users know that the primary indication that the product they got is legit is the availability of COA or lab results. But if a product you're planning to purchase doesn't have a COA, think twice before buying.


What is COA?


Whenever you buy food, you will find a nutritional facts label on the package. Cannabis products also have this label called COA. Simply put, a COA is the lab results of the CBD, THC, and other cannabinoid products you're buying.


There are many different brands in the market offering the same products. But product quality is largely determined by its ingredients. It's the reason why viewing and reading the COA is essential.


You can find the lab results in three common places, the brand's webpage, the product itself, or in the distributor's webpage. It's essential to know the ingredients of any products you put inside your body, here are the reasons why:


  • To ensure that you’re getting a good quality and effective product.

  • To check the potency of cannabinoids to dose properly for your tolerance level.

  • To see what terpenes are in the product.

  • To check for the absence of toxic materials in your product.

  • Check for ingredients that you may have an allergy to.

  • To ensure the product isn’t expired and the lab results are up to date.


How to Read a COA?


The format of a COA may differ across different brands. But the most important part that you should read is the following:


Product's Basic Information: To start, make sure you can see the brand name of the product you're looking at and the name of the lab it was shipped to. The COA will have this at the very top. Next, make sure the sample's name corresponds to the name of your product. Additionally, the lab results' completion date should be current, or at the very least, within the past year.


Heavy Metals and Pesticides: This section should be rather simple. Look for words like "Heavy Metals", "Mycotoxins", "Pesticides", "Residual Solvents", "Listeria Monocyogenes", and "Pathogenic"; under or next to these words your report should state "Passed" or "ND", which signifies your product is safe and no toxins are identified.


Cannabinoid Content: look for the presence of any cannabinoids in your product. You will be able to tailor your experience thanks to knowing how much of each cannabinoid is present in your product. This displays the milligram of cannabis per gram.


Terpenes Profile: Knowing what terpenes your product contains can be quite helpful. Terpenes are what give the product its effects and flavors. Therefore, learning about the terpenes and conducting some of your research might help you further customize your experience.


COA is a very important aspect of any cannabis product. If you can't get a hold of it, better find a different brand or product.


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