New JUUL Flavors - Discover The Newest Pods for Juul

Are you looking for new Juul flavors? Juul is the most popular ecig company in the world. They make flavored salt nicotine pods that give the best satisfaction. However, they have only produced a few flavors (around 8) If you are tired of vaping the same flavors, then this list here is here to help you. Here we combined a list of the top and newest JUUL flavors. 

1. Juul Cool Cucumber

Juul Cool Cucumber

While not the newest, but certainly a new addition to the Juul flavor lines. The cool cucumber has a fresh minty flavor, with a hint of cucumber. 

[This pod contains 5% nicotine]

Authentic Juul Cool Cucumber For $12.95 (pack of 4) 

2. EONSMOKE Pineapple Crush (Juul Compatible)

EONSMOKE makes the best alternative to the classic Juul pods. If you are looking for something new, then give eonsmoke a try.

Their pineapple crush flavor is killing it. At all of our 5 shops, we received positive feedback from all of our customers. 

Why you should buy this flavor? 

- Flavor is delicious

- Eonsmoke pods contain more liquid than regular juul pods

- More Nicotine (6%)

- 20% Cheaper than regular JUUL pods

Juul Pinapple Crush by Eonsmoke

Pineapple Crush Pods - $11.50 (BUY)

 3. EONSMOKE Watermelon (Juul Compatible)

EonSmoke Pineapple Buy Online 

Just like the pineapple crush by eonsmoke, this pods offer the same quality flavor. A delicious and mouthwatering taste of watermelon. 

6% nicotine / 1mL liquid

4. Creme Brulee by Juul 

If the fruit flavors are not cutting it for you, then try the all-new Creme Brulee by Juul. A sweet vanilla custard flavor. A perfect dessert taste.

5. Virginia Tobacco by Juul

Juul Virginia Tobacco 

Virginia Tobacco by Juul is a smoker's favorite. If you are a smoker, and really miss the old taste of a regular cigarette. Then the new and limited edition Virginia Tobacco is the closest thing to it. A tobacco flavor that will fill your cigarettes cravings. 

.7mL liquid / 5% Nicotine



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What the reviews are saying about us:

"these pods really helped me quit smoking. juul is the closest thing to a cig."

- Mike R

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- Robert Zoba




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