Cheap Juul Pods

 Cheap Juul Pods

Juul is the most popular e-cig brand in the whole world now. People love their devices because they are so easy, small and effective in helping people quit smoking. However, there is one problem! The replacement pods are so expensive to replace. Especially if you are a chain vaper who vapes more than one pod a day. A pack can cost upward $18, depending on where you live. Thankfully, there is a way to spend less money on Juul pods.

First, there are the authentic and official Juul Pods, these are hard to find a good deal on them. The cheapest price we can come up with is $12.95. You will be saving about 20% when buying your packs from 2nd wife vape.


Juul Compatibles for As Cheap As $9

Second, there are other companies that make Juul Compatible pods for your vape device. These off brands do an excellent job of producing quality pods with the same amount of nicotine or even higher. You can count on them in giving you the familiar buzz you usually get from the authentic Juul pods. Another great thing about the off-brand pods is they are mostly cheaper. You will save more than $3 a pack when purchasing them.

The most popular brands are Eonsmoke, ZiiP Labs and FUMA. These brands make unique flavors not made by Juul. An example would be Eonsmoke's pineapple crush (a top seller) and ZiiP Labs' Iced Pina colada. Other flavors include Watermelon, Blueberry, and Cool Mint.

VIEW EONSMOKE PODS (starting at $10.50)

View ZiiP Labs Pods (starting at $9.99)

Our Top Selling Cheap Juul Pods:

1. Eonsmoke's Pineapple Crush.

Eonsmoke pineapple crush

An amazingly fresh and delicious fruity pineapple flavor. This low-cost pack starts at around $11


2. Watermelon by Eonsmoke 

Another mouthwatering flavor of tasty watermelons.

3. Iced Pinacolda by ZiiP Labs

Iced Pina Colada Juul Pods

The cheapest Juul pods on our website, for only $9.


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