Delta 8 Tinctures and Cartridges by Delta Extrax

Delta 8 THC has taken over a huge part of the health and lifestyle market. With its good qualities and health benefits, the substance has become a CBD user’s favorite. But that’s not all. Even the brands selling Delta 8 products are coming up with innovative solutions. 

A popular brand named Delta Extrax has launched amazing Delta 8 products. Two of their most famous products are Delta 8 Tinctures and Cartridges. You can know more about these amazing products in this blog below. Thus, read on! 

Introducing Delta Extrax 

Delta Extrax is a famous brand owned by Savage Enterprises. It is well-known for its high-quality products. Extrax has been selling CBD vapes and now has expanded to include more products like tinctures and cartridges.

Delta Extrax’s new product line is gaining just as much response as other items. Thus, we have put together a helpful review for Delta 8 Tinctures and Cartridges

  1. Cali Orange Kush 

The Cali Orange Kush comes in clean packaging and contains about 70% to 80% of Delta 8. You can use this cart with a 510-threaded cartridge vape. Along with its super affordable prices, you are also sure to experience a clearheaded euphoric feeling. 

  1. Strawberry Cough 

Again with 70% to 80% Delta 8, Strawberry Cough is a great choice. It offers a delicious scent of fresh ripe strawberries. A Sativa-dominant strain, strawberry cough gives you an uplifting effect. 

  1. Grand Daddy Purp 

Want to go for higher concentrations of Delta 8? Then, Grand Daddy Purp is the product to choose. It has 80% to 85% of Delta 8 THC with the Indica strain. Thus, the effects delivered by this cart are more relaxing and mellow.

Delta 8 Tinctures by Delta Extrax. 

  1. Focus 

Just as it's named, Focus contains Sativa strain which is perfect to keep you motivated and focused throughout the day. It comes with 1000 mg of Delta 8 THC and is full of sweet and refreshing spearmint notes. 

  1. Balance 

Again as the name suggests, Balance is a perfect blend of both strains. It comes in a 30 ml bottle and is enough to keep you calm but also focused and energized for the chores. The flavor of passionfruit then simply enhances your entire experience. 

  1. Chill 

This Indica-dominant tincture is perfect for the ones willing to unwind and get a good sleep. Chill also offers a mellow taste of grapes which further relaxes you. 

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