Juul Pods Sale for $12.95

Welcome to 2nd Wife Vape, our website is getting more popular every day. Thanks to our customers and our amazing sales. This month, we lowered the price of the most popular item; the JUUL pods. The price has dropped from $18.99 to $12.95 for a pack of four. That's a 30% of price decrease. 

We lowered the prices on the JUUL because we want to offer you a price that you cannot refuse and we love helping our customers save money.

Juul Pods For Sale 


Virginia Tobacco Juuls has been our top seller this month. This flavor is perfect for smokers who just want that old and satisfying feeling of a cigarette. 

Juul Mango Pods

Introducing the mango pods. These pods are sweet and juicy. They will leave you wanting more and more. Mango pods are the tastiest ones that we have tried so far.


Cool Mint by Juul

Cool Mint is made for the menthol lovers. This flavor is fresh and literally tastes like cool mint. If you are seeking for a menthol flavor, try this one.

Creme brulee Juul pods

Creme Brulee is made for custard lovers. You will feel the custard and the hints of vanilla in these pods. This is an amazing dessert flavor.

Each pack contains four pods with .7ml of salt nicotine in each. The juul is known for giving smokers the best alternative to cigarettes. Every pod has 50mg of nicotine to give you a great buzz. 



We take our customer satisfaction very seriously. If you ever feel unsatisfied with your purchase, we will refund you your money. 

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