Top Three Pod Vapes of 2018 (Salt Based Vapes)

This week we’re taking a look at what we believe are the top 3 pod vape products of 2018.

1.  Juul 

Best vape pod juul

Price: $39.99 (JUUL Kit) <-- Get Deal

2018 brought us the salt wave starting with the Juul. This product is one of the simplest ways to get your nicotine satisfaction. The kit comes with 4 basic Juul flavors: cool mint, fruit medley, creme brûlée, and Virginia tobacco. Simply pop your pod into the device and inhale. This variety pack gives you a couple of different flavors to try out and discover what your taste buds are requiring. There are also many different brands of pods that are compatible with this device. Pods by Eonsmoke or ziip labs are extremely popular due to their unique flavors like watermelon, strawberry lemonade, coffee, etc.

The Juul itself is very unique and looks almost like a flash drive it’s very discrete. The charging port is magnetic so you don’t have to plug it in you just set it on top of the charger. The Juul also has a led light indicator for battery and firing purposes. The green light will flash when the battery is at 50-100%, yellow light is for 25-50% and red is anything under 25% charged. We loved this device from 2018 bc it was simple and easy to handle.


SMOK Novo best vape Pod

Price: $19.99 (SMOK NOVO) <-- Get deal

Smok saw the salt wave and hopped on it immediately and mass produced their Novo, a refillable pod mod that’s small and discrete like a Juul. However, with this device you can purchase your own choice of salt juice to put into the pod. This gives customers a wide variety range for juices. For example, naked100, beard, nasty juice, and lots of other premium e-liquid lines began making salt versions of their sub-ohm e-liquid.

Novo’s are slim and small they fit perfectly into your hand and are extremely easy to hide. Their pods have a cool mouthpiece making the hit feel more comfortable for your lips. These pods are much like the Juul where you just pop them into the device and simply inhale. The pods have a rubber piece attached to the side that you can pull out to fill with your choice of salt juice and plug back up. The only downfall with this is having the patience to wait 10-15 minutes for your pod to soak so you don’t get a dry hit. This also makes your pods last longer. Pods typically last anywhere from 1-2 weeks and can hold 2ml of juice. The built-in battery is a 450mAh which produces a lot more smoke than other salt devices. This device also has an led light for your battery and firing indication. The only downfall we saw in this product was having to purchase your juice separately. Though, this does save you more money in the long run rather than the juul where you’re constantly buying prefilled pods.

3. Suorin Air.

Suorin Air Pod

Price: $19.99 (Suorin Air) <-- Get Deal

Suorin was one of the first refillable pod systems and weren’t too popular at first but quickly gained its good reputation for pod mods. This device is a 400mAh battery and is able to push 16 watts. This device is very thin and is about the same size as a credit card. We loved that the Suorin air also had an off/on switch on the side of the device so we didn’t have to worry about auto fire burning up our pods. Being a refillable device, the pods can hold up to 2ml of juice and produce a large amount of smoke to satisfy your needs. The Suorin is recharged USB on the side of the device.

Most pod vape mods of 2018 seemed to have a lot of disappointments. However, this was the first official year of the salt trend. Salt-based juice got so popular and grew so much this year due to the high amounts of nicotine in the product. A lot of cigarette smokers actually swapped over to the salt devices because the hits are so much like a cigarette. They’re able to quit the cigs and start working their way down the road of quitting nicotine altogether, or just fewer amounts. Either way, many top brands showed through this year for salt devices like Smok, Aspire, Suorin and of course Juul.
Is salt the new era for vaping? We loved all three of these devices and hope to see even better things from the salt devices in 2019!

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