Eonsmoke Juul Compatible Pods

These pods by Eonsmoke are different flavor from Juul pods. However, they will fit your Juul device and you can experience new flavor not made by Juul. Eonsmoke offers premium pods for people who are tired of the same flavors made by Juul. Their pods hold more juice and also have higher nicotine 6% compared to 5% for Juul pods. 

Eonsmoke flavors include watermelon, Pineapple Crush, Blueberry, Grape, Mango, Cool Mint, Silky Strawberry, and Tobacco. A pack of Eonsmoke will include 4 pods.

Our top sellers and favorite flavors is:

Watermelon: The Watermelon flavor offers an exlosition of fruity taste that will put your juul pods to shame. This pod always gets great reviews from our retail and online customers. Our second best seller: Pineapple Crush, a unique and refreshing pineapple soda flavor with a great nicotine buzz.


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