FUMA Pods for Juul

Are you tired of paying the high price on Juul pods? Then you don't have to anymore. FUMA pods will fit your Juul Device with no problem and will work perfectly on delivering your nicotine fix. What's even better is that Fuma is 30% cheaper than the authentic Juul Pods.

Fuma Pods by are the newest pods in the market and they are 5.5% nicotine. Compared to the 5% in Juul Pods. So they will provide you with a great buzz. Also, while regular pods hold .7mL of e-liquid, the fuma pods hold .3 mL more nicotine salt Ejuice (1mL). 

The flavors are also different from what you regularly get. Their collection includes; orange crust, Pure Mango, Pure Pineapple, and Cubano Dream. Select your favorite flavor and get it delivered to your doorsteps within 1-3 business days. We are known for our fast shipping times. 

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