jam Monster - Blackberry 100ml

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Jam Monster is always finding new flavors to wow their fans. Their newest Limited Edition flavor, Blackberry Jam, is going to blow your mind.

Don't you just love fresh jam, creamy butter, and crunchy toast? This is the e-liquid for you. This Jam Monster is nothing like the others. Inhaling sweet, freshly picked, juicy blackberries with a buttery fresh toast. This e-liquid is an all day vape and one of my personal favorites by Jam Monster so far. Whether you feel like having jam and toast for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack. Your taste buds will be in favor of this liquid. 

This e-liquid will make you question so many things. How did they make this? Why is the flavor so spot on? Why does this feel like I'm actually eating this? And in the end, your answer will conclude to the fact that the creators at Jam Monster are just pure geniuses

This e-liquid is proudly brought to you in an easy to use 100ml unicorn bottle. Of course this juice also comes in three different levels of nicotine. We've got 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

This creation of e-liquid is no mistake. Enjoy! 

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Jennifer Sanders

Absolutely love this flavor