Juno Vape Pods and Starter Kit

Welcome to our site, now we offer the Juno Vape Starter Kit and the replacement pods for your device. The Juno Device is a small vape device that is competing with JUUL and might actually be better. 

Juno is easy to use the device just like the Juul. Choose your favorite flavor and just insert your prefilled pod into the device and you are ready to start vaping. Just inhale on the tip and it will work. No buttons and no extra stuff.

The pods have amazing and delicious flavors. Unlike the JUUL where you are stuck with less than 8 flavors. Juno keeps adding flavors every month. Finally, it is much cheaper. These replacement pods will last longer and are 20% cheaper than the pods for JUUL.

Our favorite Juno Vape Pods: Blue raspberry and Lava Flow.

More flavors for the Juno Vape will be added soon. Flavors like the delicious tropical flavor; Hawaiian Pog. Other flavors include grape apple, Keylime Pie and much much more!


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