The Jones Pods - Turkish Tobacco (Juul Compatible)

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Turkish Tobacco The Jones Pods has a unique flavor of tobacco made with the highest quality salt nic that the jones pods is known for. 

The Jone pods are the newest addition to your juul collection. You can trust us, when we say their pods are supreme and the taste is unparalleled. They make flavors such us Clear Mango which many customers compare it to the authentic juul mango. Other flavors include minty fresh, strawberry, and blue razzberry. 

Why we love jones Turkish Tobacco? Well other than tasting so good, they also are cheaper... so they won't hurt your wallet. 

Product features:

  • Huge 1.2ml pods 
  • Works with the JUUL
  • 4.5% salt nic ejuice
  • 5 Pods a pack

The Jones Turkish Tobacco comes with 5 pods a pack. Each pod has 1.2ml salt nic ejuice with 4.5% nicotine strength. These pods will last you longer than average because of their huge size. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jones pods Turkish tobacco

Jones pods Turkish tobacco The pods all leak, the oil leaks into your mouth. I would never order this product again. The taste is extremely unpleasant, makes you very nauseous. Save your money order some thing else

Sweet Turkish Tobacco Flavor

Love this flavor. Just the right amount of sweet and savory. The pods are very affordable and overall good price. They not only last longer than normal juul pods because they have more juice per pod, but there are 5 in a pack instead of 4. Plus, your Juul will still fit in the charging case with the Jones Pods on the device even though they are bigger than the normal Juul brand pods. I'll definitely be purchasing these again.


Pods leak and do not work very well. Great flavor though.


I've been hearing other reviews that say that these Jones pods don't leak but the first one that I used was leaking a little. Not much but it was leaking? It tastes good but the hit is thin and weak. It tastes exactly like one tobacco flavor that I tried long ago. It doesn't provide much vapor either just a good taste of tobacco. I thought that it would be better when I found them online. JUST KIND OF A LETDOWN. I'm out!!


A wonderfully aromatic delight.