Khali Vapors Premium Ejuice

Khali Vapors is an eJuice company that was founded in Long Beach, California. The owners spent 6 months developing only three flavors. That's why you will taste the attention to detail when vaping any of their products. The liquids are inspired by the owner's favorite locations in California. Khali Vapors premium Ejuices are unique and blended to perfection. None of the e-juices are too strong but are balanced well. 

Current Flavors made by Khali Vapors: Golden Gate, The Fairmont, and Iced Devil's Punchbowl.

The Fairmont has a refreshing tart pineapple flavor.

Golden Gate is an amazing orange and sweet ice cream ejuice flavor.

Iced Devil's Punchbowl: a tropical guava flavor with a hint of peach.