Quik Plus Vape (Disposable Device with 600 Puffs)

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Quik Plus Vape is the new disposable device added to our collection of 40 brands. The disposable vapes are taking over the world and everyone is in love with them. They are sleek, compact, easy, and cheap to use. The Quik plus is an improved device that can last an extra 300 puffs when compared to the average puff bar or average vape.

Product features:

  • 600 puffs per device
  • 6% salt nicotine strength
  • 380 mah battery
  • 2.0 ml juice per device

The Quik Plus uses 6% salt nicotine strength. That is more than an average of 5%. If you are looking for a stronger hitting device, this is probably the one to go with. More nicotine means you won't have to hit the device as much. It also means this product will last longer than average.

We all know that there is an abundance of disposable brands. So what makes Quik any different from others? Well, it's their unique flavors. This vape has innovative flavors that you will never get bored with. Flavors include Fireball, Berry Mint, Frozen Strawberry, Mint Melon, Pina Colada, and Cool Mint.

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Phong Nguyen
not a good brand

I feel like ive wasted my money buying these. the flavor of the vape taste like medicine and leaves a weird after taste