Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny (60ml)

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Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny has a complex flavor that is hard to get tired of. You can vape it for weeks, and even months and you will still love it. Mother's Milk has a rich creamy custard flavor, mixed with a pleasing hint of strawberry. This is an all-day top quality Eliquid. Don't take our word for it when we say this is probably one of the best out there, but read the reviews from the people who tried it. This company is a winner of multiple awards. Suicide Bunny only uses the finest ingredients in the industry and is very respected in the vaping community. We only carry the 60ml bottles at this moment. 

Suicide Bunny changed the eliquid industry with its amazing ejuices. They are the pioneers of premium products in the vaping world.

VG: 70%

PG: 30%

100% Made in the United States.

Comes in five nicotine strengths: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18

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What Happened to this One?

So, I've tried this one years ago, and remember loving it. However, I dont know if I got an old , expired bottle or what, as there is no best buy date on my bottle, but the entire flavor profile was 100% FLAT. Nothing rich whatsoever. I could barely make out the taste of strawberry, but it was so minute that when I exhaled and blew clouds, I literally tasted NOTHING. No custard, no fruit, no NOTHING. I will NOT be purchasing again.