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Country Clouds is the best creamy e-liquid you can get on the market right now! And the best part? We’ve got all of the flavors here including Chocolate Pudding for you and your cravings! A delicious homemade chocolate graham cracker pudding with a dollop of whipped cream on top made by your mother will have your mouth watering and your tastebuds squealing with excitement. After every hit of the sweet and rich chocolate pudding, you’ll want more and more.

This e liquid is the best. On the inhale you’ve got your sweet graham cracker and on the exhale your chocolate pudding with whipped cream will mix creating an explosive, yet delicious flavor combination in your mouth. No wonder country clouds is so popular, their e-liquid flavors are to die for! Country clouds also give you their product in 100ml bottles! So thankfully this juice will last you a while and your taste buds will be so grateful.

Country clouds offers 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Warning: this product contains nicotine

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Chocolate cornbread pudding

Product was spot on, as are all the country clouds product That hits smooth every time. Shipping however was not, I payed for 2 day shipping and product delivered over a week later. Which that was the first time that has happened and will not stop me from buying again.

Great juice

Great juice but it leaked every where. not happy


OMG this is so good!To me it's like sucking on a chocolate cream pie.I like it better than the cornbread pudding if that's even possible.

Smooth, subtle chocolate taste. Excellent.

Smooth, subtle chocolate taste. Excellent.

2nd wife vape and Country Clouds Chocolate pudding. another Happy customer

Country clouds chocolate pudding is good