ZiiP Pods Juul Compatible

Are you tired of the same old Juul flavors but love the convince of the Juul? Ziip Lab might be the answer for you as it comes in many more flavors than the Juul brand. ZiipLab pods are made for the Juul devices (Juul Compatible) and fit right in just like the Juul pods at a fraction of the price, and the best part is they have more liquid than the Juul brand pods.

ZiipLab pods might look a little different than the Juul pods you are used to because they hold twice the juice.

Our Favorite ZiiPLab Pods: Iced Blueberry is a wonderful mixture of freshly picked sweet blueberries and just a hint of a cooling menthol. This flavor will make it harder than it already is to stop using your Juul. ZiipLab pods come in a 4 pack of pods and contain 5% nicotine which is the equivalent of the Juul brand.