4X Pods JUUL Compatible

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4X Pods are another brand making pods that work on the Juul device, but they aren’t just another brand. 4X Pods come in 6.5% or 65mg of nicotine making them the strongest pods on the market they with 1ml of juice in every pod. 4X Pods JUUL has an amazingly delicious flavor.

4X Pods have a lot of nicotine without having to sacrifice flavor coming in a wide range of mouthwatering flavors. Strawberry might seem like a simple flavor that has already flooded the market but the 4X Strawberry flavor is like no other strawberry flavor out there. The 4X Strawberry is actually a sweet and natural tasting strawberry unlike all those artificial flavors available.

Mango Peach Pineapple is an amazing tropical mixture of fresh tasting fruits. These pods will leave your mouth watering and craving more while obviously satisfying your nicotine needs. The 4x Pods JUUL Compatible will give you the best nicotine hits.

Blue Blackberry is an interesting flavor with a sweet blackberry flavor and a surprising blue taste in the exhale, yes you read that right a sweet and delicious blue taste following the blackberries.

Grape is not like many other grape flavors that remind you of those nasty medicines you had to take as a child. This grape is a natural tasting sweet and juicy grape you will not regret getting for your Juul device.

Sour Gummy is exactly what you expect from the name. These flavored pods taste just like the sour gummy worms you get at the movie theaters without all those unnecessary carbs and fats so you won’t feel guilty while satisfying your sweets craving.


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Customer Reviews

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this pack of pods was not in my order but i was charged the full $27...not real impressed.

Tastes like febreze

I sincerely regret purchasing the sour gummy pods. Tastes like I took the air freshener in my car and tried to eat it.

4X Pods JUUL Compatible Sour Gummy

I tried the 4X Pods JUUL Compatible Sour Gummy Pods and I was happy with the flavor. It wasn’t too sour so that it ruined the hit, but had enough of a tingle in it to make me want another! Didn’t have any problem with my pods, so that made me happy. Definitely will be buying them again!

Not a fan of Black Blueberry

Not a fan of the blue blackberry flavor. It didn’t leak or anything, I just didn’t like the flavor. I’d recommend trying a different one.

Half Filled Pods

2 of the pods were little bet filled. liquid was licked to the pouch. so basically 2 pods were good.