Bad Drip Labs - Don't Care Bear (60ml)

Bad Drip Labs - Don't Care Bear (60ml)

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Don't Care Bear is a delicious mixed Sour Patch Gummy flavored e liquid which on the inhale you will taste the mixture of fruit gummies, followed by the sour sugar coating flavor that appears on the exhale. Don't Care Bear are infused right into the heart of this delicious e liquid. Sweet and fruity notes throughout comes from great gooey globs of gluey, gloppy gummy guts, mutilated melon meat, pulverized, puked, peach and pear. Bursting with tons of candy flavor, Don't Care Bear e-liquid is the bitter to sweet vape after vape. The mouth-watering gummy candy provides the perfect balance of sweet and tang, all rolled it up into one delicious e-juice. Due to its sour elements, Don't Care Bear has a sharp throat hit.

Flavor Profile: Sour Patch Gummy Candy

Available in three strengths of nicotine. Only 60ml bottle available.

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