Country Clouds - Cornbread Pudding

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Tired of vaping the same old flavors you've been vaping on for a while? Try the all new Country Clouds Cornbread Pudding, this flavor will remind you of your grandmas best Thanksgiving dish and have you craving more all day long without risking all those unnecessary carbs and fats. 

If you are a fanatic for sweet vapes you will love this one as the sweet vanilla pudding on top of the crisp cornbread with a hint of sugar sprinkled on top.

Country clouds cornbread pudding is the perfect mixture that tastes just like an old southern styler dessert. We have the country clouds cornbread pudding available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine and all of the country clouds cornbread pudding come in a 70/30 pg/vg ratio making it not too thick but not too thin either so it won't ruin your coils and/or cotton. Country Clouds Cornbread Pudding is available in 100ml bottles.

This 100ml bottle of premium juice keeps getting 5-star reviews from our vape customers. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great juice at a great price tks

So far flawless

I have not had very good luck with ordering e-juice on line except so far for this place. Great Communication, fast ship and competitive pricing and my card has not been hacked. I love the Country Clouds Cornbread pudding. Truly something different. My local vape shop stopped carrying it so I obtained here. I am going to start giving them more business as my local vape shop does not have a great variety and as soon as I latch onto something good they discontinue it. In fact maybe I will order now while I am thinking about it!

1st order

My fav flavor along with Grumpy Old Bastard ! Order took 4 days longer than promised but will use 2nd wife again. Hey that didn’t come out right ! Thanx Mike


Best juice on the planet...

Good stuff!

I ran across this juice at my local B&M in 60 mil. I Went thru it pretty fast, so I went online and found bigger bottles here for less. Ordered 2 100's now getting 2 more.. From reading the comments it seems the recipe changed and used to be better, but I like what i am getting now! It has a great flavor and doesn't gunk up coils or cotton fast like other sweet flavors. Give it a try, it's worth a buy!