Country Clouds - Strawberry Cornbread Pudding

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Tired of vaping the same old flavors you've been vaping on for a while? Try the all new Country Clouds Strawberry Cornbread Pudding, this flavor will remind you of your grandmas best Thanksgiving dish with an unexpected twist and have you craving more all day long without risking all those unnecessary carbs and fats. 

If you have already tried one of Country Clouds great tasting flavors there is no doubt you will love this one too. 

If you are a fanatic for sweet vapes you will love this one as the sweet vanilla pudding on top of the crisp cornbread with a hint of sugar sprinkled on top with a twist of strawberries.

Country Clouds Strawberry Cornbread Pudding is the perfect mixture that tastes just like an old southern style dessert. We have the Country Clouds Strawberry Cornbread Pudding available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine and all of the Country Clouds Strawberry Cornbread pudding come in a 70/30 pg/vg ratio making it not too thick but not too thin either so it won't ruin your coils and/or cotton. Country Clouds Strawberry Cornbread Pudding is available in 100ml bottles.

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Country Clouds Strawberry Cornbread Pudding

This is a awesome all day vape. This has replaced my go to Marina E-donuts which is very hard to find these days. I am very please with the fast shipping, great job 2nd Wife! As for the one negative review life lesson, you have the right to your opinion but you can express your views without being offensive.

taste great

The taste is great, the liquid is rather thick, and it darkens quickly. I have used Paparazzi strawberry and cream for years and was looking for something similar to it. This is a good liquid for the price.


Always get my order no more than 2 days very superb website just Wish they would expand their juices and equipment.

I fucking love cornbread pudding

I love strawberry flavors. So wtf happened here? Idfk, all i know is it's trash, and if you like it you're probably fucking retarded.

Quality juice and quick arrival

It arrived quickly and the juice in the bottle is good.