Double Apple by SKOL (Compatible)

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Double apple by Skol Pods is the newest addition in our premium juul compatible pods. Everyone loves this combination of tasty fruits. A sweet and sour green apple to give it that enjoyable summery taste. 

Skol Pods have been known for their overly flavored pods. Their strawberry lemonade is certainly on of their top sellers. Now, you can enjoy all the flavors by skol because we keep adding new ones every week. 

Other flavors by skol include pina colada which taste like an alcoholic pina colada flavors. Defiantly a very unique flavor that not many brands can replicate. Also, their popular pink lemonade will soon be on sale. 

Product info:

  • 5% salt nicotine strength
  • 4 pods of compatible pods in each pack
  • .7ml of salt nicotine in each pod

 Double apple by SKOL juul compatible pods.

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Great Flavor

I would buy more of The Double Apple and also a Great price worth the money.