Dunkd -  Spearmist 60ml

Dunkd - Spearmist 60ml

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Can you chew Spearmint gum all day?  The sweet cool minty refreshing bubblegum taste never seems to get old. Dunk'd released a new flavor that'll tingle all of the senses. This juice is #1. 

Even after vaping for a good while this juice seems to always have flavor. Whether it be the cool mint or a sweet bubblegum. This a definite must try for all the menthol fans out there. 

This juice is very harsh. Personally I vape at a level 6mg and I had to go with a 3mg. Another customer requested a 12mg and moved down to the 6mg as well. Very good flavor but I can tell you it does have a throat hit. 

These bottles come to you 60ml in your choice of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine.

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