Empty JUUL Pods That You Can Refill

Save 42%

The Juul flavors like mango and cool mint are amazing. However, what if you are tired of Juul's limited flavors? Now with Swiss empty and refillable pods, you can try any flavor of e-liquid. Just make sure you only put nicotine salts in these pods. 

These empty pods are Juul compatible. They will fit and work perfectly with your device. 

Product Features:

  • Holds 1mL of eJuice
  • Juul Compatible
  • 3 Pods in a Single Pack

If you are looking for eLiquids to go with your empty pods, then visit our nic salts collections

These empty pods open the door for you to experiment with 1000s of flavors. Now, you are not stuck with the 8 flavors from JUUL. You can try candy, fruity, menthol, and custard E-liquids. Any flavor you want, just fill this pods and enjoy the great vaping experience.

What we guarantee at 2nd Wife Vape:

We guarantee that pods bought from our online ship will work with your Juul. We also guarantee that these empty pods will be delivered within 1-3 business days. Finally, we promise to have the best price in the whole vape market. No one has a lower price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Best refillable pods for JUUL

I was so excited when I stumbled upon these. I have a JUUL and buying the prefilled pods are expensive. I love these! I am so happy with these. They are so easy to use and at a great price. Now I can buy any juice here @ 2nd Wife Vape and save sooooo much money. I've already purchased a second batch and will continue to do so.

Empty pods,

I love these, I can use any flavor juice i want, over and over again,, saving me money already the first week i have them,thank you, will buy more

No conpaints

After trying a few different brands of empty pods these are my favorite. Not one issue. The occasional little bit making it through the mouth piece but nothing compared to others. Would definitely buy again..actually probably order more now while I'm here


Works good


I love these pods. They hit so nicely and fit my juul perfect. Would totally recommend!