Eonsmoke - Silky Strawberry (Juul Compatible)

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Do you have a JUUL and are tired of the same old flavors or just aren't getting the same nicotine buzz as cigarettes? If so the we are proud to announce Eonsmoke Silky Strawberry.

Eonsmoke is an amazing company that created their own device that is exactly like the juul device. However, their pods are unique. Their pods fit not only in their own device but they actually fit and work inside the juul device. So you don't have to order their device and you can ride the juul wave with everyone else! You can have more of a variety to flavors.

Eonsmoke pods hold more juice when compared to JUUL and more nicotine. Now at first a 1ml to .7ml difference between the both doesnt sound like much until you add the 6% nicotine compared to the 5% that JUUL contains. With both of those factors and the price being the same it's a no brainer. 

The Silky Strawberry flavor by Eonsmoke will put all JUUL pods to shame with a refreshing yet soothing strawberry followed by a hint of cream that will satisfy any sweet tooth along with the satisfying nicotine buzz. 

All packs of Eonsmoke come in packs of four pods.  

Warning: this product contains nicotine and is intended only for ages 18+

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Customer Reviews

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I really like the flavors. Thank you!


These are disgusting and the flavors horrible

Not bad but not for me

It didn't taste bad, but to me it really didn't have a taste. I gave it to a friend who has a JUUL and they said they liked it.

Silky Strawberry

Love the flavor!

Love the product

Order the product love it so much order again have no problem of delivery on time