Fizz V2 Vape (Disposable device with 600 puffs)

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The fizz V2 disposable vape is the new rendition of the well known Fizz bar. This is an easy, all in one device. A sleek compact product that has double the hits as previous generation disposable. The V2 version has 600 puffs while the previous one had 300.

What flavors available in the Fizz V2 Vape?

This brand has 7 flavors currently including Blue razz ice, sour apple, strawberry kiwi, peach ice, banana ice, cola ice, and Mango lychee. All flavors come in 6% salt nicotine strength. The new limited-edition flavors are being worked on for future releases.

product features:

  • 6% salt nicotine strength 
  • 2.0ml ejuice tank
  • 500-600 puffs per device
  • 380 mah battery size 

This brand is developed and being made by VooPoo. If you been vaping for a while, you probably heard that company name. They are known for making the highest quality Mods and tanks. Now, they are venturing out to the disposable market.

Fizz V2 disposables vapes contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance. 


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5 stars for the vape itself, NOT the company.