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Growing tired of the same old basic Juul pods? Is the flavor becoming weak and no longer seems to satisfy your nicotine needs? Or are you just looking for some new flavors to try? Look no further! The all-new Fuma pods will fulfill all of your wants/needs in their pods.

Fuma pods contain 1ml of e-liquid and have 6% of nicotine. So not only does Fuma have different and unique flavors compared to the Juul, but the Fuma pods also contain a higher amount of nicotine giving you a better buzz!

Let’s take a look at some of the delicious flavors that Fuma Pods has to offer:

Cubano Dream - a sweet and rich tobacco flavor mixed in with creamy vanilla that’ll surely have you dreaming. This flavor is super popular with the traditional smokers that prefer the classic tobacco taste.

Orange Crust - do you love orange juice? Like really love orange juice? This flavor is perfect for you! A juicy, ripe orange freshly squeezed into your Fuma pod and ready for you to vape! This flavor tastes early mornings.

Pure Mango - This mango flavor crushes the Juul brand’s version of mango. Fuma gives a more realistic taste to their pods, tricking your brain into believing you just bit into a fresh and juicy mango. It doesn’t have an artificial taste like the Juul seems to carry.

Pure Pineapple - These pineapple pods are to die for. Like we said earlier, Fuma brings different flavors to the table and this one is definitely a game changer and one of our personal favorites. The pineapple tastes so real if you close your eyes you’ll picture yourself in the tropics.

Smooth Strawberry - the name of this pod is self-explanatory. It’s a super sweet and rich strawberry vanilla mixture. It’s a great pod if you’re looking for something different to try.

Blue Razz Fresh - Blueberry mixture that kicks. We’ve never tried a pod like this before. Definitely is one of the most unique flavors that Fuma brought. And one of the best tasting!

These packs contain 4 Fuma pods and like we said before holding 1ml of juice and 6% of nicotine. They’re definitely a better buy than the Juul brand. They hold more juice and contain more nicotine, who doesn’t love that?

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Customer Reviews

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TWO DOAs and OXIDIZED electrical contacts

SWEET CREAM FLAVOR...Two dead-on-arrival pods because of oxidized copper contacts...decayed and green.

The other two pods were as leaky as Trump's National Security Advisors! Really...they were a mess. Flavor was a bit weird as well with one of the two.

Nice pods, but no instructions

Nice pods, Arrived promptly but no instructionsfor refill included.


Ok taste. But leak to much.