Grape Ugly Pods (Juul Compatible)

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Ugly Pods Grape is the newest release in the compatible market. This pods will fit many devices including Juul, deep, OVNS, and many other vape products. Ugly Pods Grape has an amazing fruity flavor that not many companies can replicate. 

Ugly pods come with 6% nicotine strength making it one of the strangest pods in the market. They have flavors that are hard to resist like mango breeze and strawberry kiwi. 

Why we love ugly pods:

  • 6% salt nicotine strength
  • .7ml pods (same size as regular pods but stronger and cheaper)
  • New fruity flavors 
  • Smooth 

Even with the strength of 6%, ugly pods still manage to provide you with a smooth hit.

Ships from our warehouse in Texas. Most of our customer will get their products delivered within 1-3 days*

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Grape Ugly Pods

Good taste.