Kangvape Onee Stick Energy Drink (1800 Puffs) (Devine)

Save 38%

Kangvape Onee Stick Energy Drink is what put this disposable brand on the map. The kangvape is now becoming one of the most popular vaping brands in the world. Their 1800 puffs disposable is not just tasty, but also a great value. Priced much lower than the competition. 

Product features:

  • 6.5ml salt nicotine ejuice. 
  • prefilled tank. (Non-refillable)
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • Built-in 1100mah battery (You don't need to charge it)

The energy drink by Kangvape ONEE stick is a beverage flavored disposable. Much like the tiger blood in the Pod King Maxx. This flavor taste like the famous Redbull drink. When you vape on this, you can mistake it for the real thing and get an extreme burst of enrgy. 

This brand has many other flavors. They don't leave anyone behind. They have beverage flavored disposables, menthols, fruity, and tobacco. Enjoy their exciting delicious collection of vapes. 

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Customer Reviews

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buy it

best vapes on the market


These last ones I received were way different from the ones I bought before. Didn’t even taste nearly close to what they should. I threw them away and went to the nearest smoke shop to buy new ones which was a 60 mile drive

I feel gypped

I order 10 Vapes, was only went 8 but charged for 10... sent an email because it was the only contact information... NO REPLY! Crappy service.

Lang vapes

Giving it 1 star because it won’t let me give 0 stars! I ordered 4 of these energy drink 1800 puff vapes and 3 of them just plain didn’t work, and the 4th worked for literally about 10 puffs then blinked and stopped working. I’ve sent about 3 or 4 emails so far trying to get this resolved but I keep getting either generic computer generated messages or the person responding doesn’t comprehend. It’s either a copy of my order or telling me the date they were shipped out and the date I received them. I am not disputing that I received them! I am disputing the fact that you sent me vapes that do not work! Pretty simple really but for some reason I get emails back that have nothing to do with what I wrote! I guess I just donated 50$ to this company because customer service is a joke! Until this is made right I will not be ordering from them again!

Awesome flavor

My favorite gonna order more