LIO BEE Disposable Vape by IJOY (1500 Puffs)

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Lio BEE Disposable vape is a new 1500 puffs disposable vape. This disposable is made by iJoy and has a new patent-pending design for the "pull & play" feature for the best flavor delivery. This new feature actually works as soon as you inhale your first puff, you get punched by a strong flavor that no other disposable can replicate. 

Product features for Lio Bee disposable:

  • 18 flavors in total
  • Patented pull and vape desing for best flavor.
  • 1500 puffs disposable
  • 1000mah battery (non-rechargeable)
  • 5ml of salt nicotine ejuice
  • 5% nicotine strength

Available Flavors:

  • Coke: a refreshing soft drink flavor.
  • Cool Mint: a spearmint flavor with a strong cooling sensation.
  • Guava: deeply intoxicating exotic guava.
  • Ice mango bomb: a cool and fruity mango.
  • lemon pineapple peach: an exotic mix of delicious fruits with lemon, sweet peach, and vibrant pineapples.
  • Melon Ice: cool menthol with ripe melons on the background.
  • Strawberry: fruity sweet strawberries.
  • tropical fruits: A delicious mix of tropical fruits.
  • Watermelon: mouth-watering watermelon vape that you won't get bored of. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
LIO Bee18 max Rainbow Candy

A big waste of money. Has a nasty burnt taste and it doesn't get any better as it sits. Totally disgusting and non returnable. Not a happy customer! To top it off they are made in China!!

The worst experience

I've had some pretty bad Vapes but this is the number one worst vape I have ever experienced with I thought it was really cool and different that you could see the liquid and everything and I never tried this brand before immediately when I did with the directions told me to do it spewed out for one!!! And I had pink lemonade flavor and it tasted like complete burnt just like burnt. And the stuff got all over my lips. It was absolutely awful. I tried the next day and even worse! Granted I pulled the sticker off before I pulled the plug out... But I don't think that had ANYTHING to do with it. It was on sale so I see why. Don't waste your money I'm going to try to return it in fact! Guys don't do it!! 💓 Go with IGNITE WATERMELON OR STRAWBERRY lasted me a full week. 🖤 Also posh is okay too! Unfortunately vapes are hit or miss when trying new . But this one by far as been the worst experience.

Leah Stratton

I bought 2 of these on separate occasions. Both times, the batteries died before I was even halfway through my liquid. These are a waste of money.

Donna morrissey

They were all burnt.

Great flavor & long lasting

These have a great flavor (especially the Guava) but they all spew the oil when hit. The only draw back is the oil that comes into your mouth with every puff. They are very long lasting and taste great other than that. They need a more powerful battery I think to eliminate that from happening. But worth the money.