Mango Burst Ejuice

Mango Burst - Burst E-liquid (60ml)

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Do you love Mangoes? Could you eat Mangoes every single day? The Mango burst is the perfect decision for you! A sweet juicy mango rolling all over your taste buds and satisfying your flavor and nicotine need.

This flavor is a heavy mango, highly recommend this one for true mango lovers. This flavors so good it'll have you thinking that you're vaping on a tropical island, laid back with your toes in the sand. The mango is so good it actually tastes like a real mango. Burst's flavors are SO spot on with this e-liquid. No wonder they're one of the top selling e-liquid brands.

Comes in three variants of nicotine (0mg, 3mg, 6mg)

Premium E-liquid

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