Minty Fresh - The Jones Juul Compatible Pods

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A fresh cool mint flavor is what you will taste as soon as you inhale Minty Fresh by the Jones Pods for Juul. 

This is it, the perfect off brand pods for your Juul device. The Jones Juul Pods is the newest addition in the off-brand juuls industry. However, this is different. The Jones Pods has an authentic, supreme vibe to it. The creators of this brand are not trying to be just cheap imitation, no cutting corners... just a tasty, delicious, premium pods.

Why does the Minty Fresh The Jones Juul Pods win in every category possible?

Three major reasons:

  • Superior flavor
  • Better Value for your money
  • Premium Built Pods

This brand has 5 official flavors; Clear Mango, Raspberry Blue, Turkish Tobacco, Strawberry Pink, and Minty Fresh. Each pack contains 4.5% salt nicotine. The Jones Pods comes in larger than average pods of 1.2ml. You also get 5 pods a pack.

This pack contains 5 Minty Fresh The Jones Pods.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Do not buy!!!!

These are horrible if you are using them with the juul. I know they have those other devices for these pods but with the juul they are horrible. You can’t even get one puff without extreme burning. They leak all over.Bad. Just bad. Don’t waste your money.

More bang for the buck

You get larger pods in a 5 pack, way more cost effective than juul pods, these are my new go tos


First hit was fine, but after that the juice leaked all over the battery and then shortly after leaked into my wife. The large pod size would be nice, but there’s no way you’ll ever get that far with it.

Pretty close to the mint Juul

I had one that leaked and just wiped it off...the rest were fine. Good taste! I’d order again! Huge pods! Much better buy for the money!


Horrible product. Leaks and spits up. Threw the whole pack out. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!