Nasty Salt - Slow Blow

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Slow Blow by Nasty Salt is a tropical currant. It's based off a delicious juicy pineapple mixed with a ripe lime. All of Nasty Juice's flavors will contain their main signature: low mint. 

Nasty Juice is a brand based out of Tampin, Malaysia. They're known for their amazing flavors and artistic packaging designs. 

Nasty juice recently branched out it's line and moved over to the salt nic. They've taken their OG flavors and transferred them to the higher based nicotine levels. 

The low mint creates a smooth and satisfying throat hit. Not harsh at all and enhances the delicious flavors they have to offer. 

Please note, this is a salt e-liquid and is meant for low output atomizers

Available in 35mg or 50mg of nicotine. 

Warning: This product contains nicotine and is only intended for ages 18+

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Great customer service. Wide selection. Reasonably priced.

I have been searching local vape shops and was able to find Nasty Slow Blow Nic Salt...ONCE! I had never been a menthol cigarette smoker and just the thought of a juice with menthol was a total turn off for me. But NASTY SLOW BLOW has a hint of menthol and I cannot believe that I now have a juice that I cannot get away from. Unfortunately the one local shop that I had originally purchased it at no longer carries the strength that I use. They have told me that they would order me some, but that has been many months now, so I have been purchasing the same juice, just at a lower nicotine strength. Anyway, I went online and after looking at dozens of online stores, I was unable to find Nasty Slow Blow in my nicotine strength or if they did carry it, it was always sold out. I finally found 2nd Wife Vape and was in awe of their wide selection of juices and even more thrilled that they carry Nasty Slow Blow in my desired strength. I ordered one bottle. Their pricing, customer service, wide selection, communication and speedy delivery has me committed to doing business with 2nd Wife Vape from here on out. I just ordered 2 more bottles and look forward to doing business with them for a very long time. If you are looking for a place to get what you want in a timely manner, an excellent price, and trustworthy company 2ND WIFE VAPE IS THE BEST.

As expected!

I got exactly what I ordered. 35mg Nasty Salt slow blow! Overall good juice.

Shipping wasn’t as fast as I’d like, but also wasn’t beyond unreasonable...

Its ok

Just ok


Slow Blow is a great flavor love it and you can't beat the price for it, where you would have to pay 20 dollars in a vape store for it.

Nasty Salt - Slow Blow

This juice is awesome! It's my new favorite. The pineapple is sweet and the lime soda gives it a great bubbly twist.