NIC Sticks (Nic Stix Disposables)

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Nic sticks or Nic Stix is the newest and easiest way to get your nicotine satisfaction. You longer have to deal with clumsy mods, vape juice, or complicated devices. This sleek, compact, and all in one is all you need to start vaping and stop smoking. 

There are many reasons why nic stix are taking over. First, the flavor selection is wide. Menthol lovers who seek that cool, fresh hit will be satisfied with these brands menthol selection. Check their lush ice flavors. They also come fruity flavors that almost everyone on earth loves. 

Other reasons why vapers are going wild about disposable devices are because of cheap they are. For the same price of a pack of cigs you get a device with a built-in battery and 1.2ml of salt nic. This device usually lasts an average of 1-3 business days. 

Product info:

  • 5% salt nicotine strength
  • 280 mAh built-in non-rechargeable battery 
  • Disposable 

Flavors include Mango, lush ice, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry, peach, and grape. 


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