Raspberry Blue - The Jones Juul Compatible Pods

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A sweet candy flavor of Blue Raspberry is what you will taste as soon as you inhale Raspberry Blue by the Jones Pods for Juul. 

This is it, the perfect off brand pods for your Juul device. The Jones Juul Pods is the newest addition in the off-brand juuls industry. However, this is different. The Jones Pods has an authentic, supreme vibe to it. The creators of this brand are not trying to be just cheap imitation, no cutting corners... just a tasty, delicious, premium pods.

Why does the Jones Juul Pods win in every category possible?

Three major reasons:

  • Superior flavor
  • Better Value for your money
  • Premium Built Pods

This brand has 5 official flavors; Clear Mango, Raspberry Blue, Turkish Tobacco, Strawberry Pink, and Minty Fresh. Each pack contains 4.5% salt nicotine. The Jones Pods comes in larger than average pods of 1.2ml. You also get 5 pods a pack.

This pack contains 5 Raspberry Blue The Jones Pods.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The jones pods taste not the best, but i like them!the 1,2ml pods are very cool!


Pods are great, don’t leak, flavor is good, and are larger sized

Acquired Taste at first, but then a Favorite

At first pull, I noticed a chemically kind of taste that turned me off, but after a few more pulls, that went away and would enjoy these very much. This taste adjustment happened a few times, but I eventually found myself craving it more than the clear mango

Pretty good

I like it

Great Flavors!

I really enjoyed the strawberry, it was light but had plenty sweet strawberry shortcake flavor to it. The blue raspberry was very strong and enjoyable but these pods run out very quickly compared to Juul brand pods. I could easily burn through these in a day whereas a Juul brand pod will last me nearly a week.