Raspberry Peach - Burst Duo E-liquid (60ml)

Raspberry Peach - Burst Duo E-liquid (60ml)

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Do you love peach and raspberry flavors? Do you wish somebody would just make a combination of the two? Wish no more, Burst Duo created peach raspberry juice that will rock your taste buds. 

This e-liquid takes a juicy ripe peach and a delicious mouth watering raspberry and blends them together to perfection for the best and most addicting e-liquid you'll ever have tried. On the inhale the sweet peach will glide into your tastebuds and as you exhale, you'll get that juicy raspberry mixing straight into the fresh peach. 

This juice is so heavenly you'll be thinking you're drinking a smoothie. You might even question drinking the bottle. However, that's dangerous and not at all recommended. Just enjoy inhaling this delicious e-liquid!

Comes in three variants of nicotine (0mg, 3mg, 6mg)

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