Refillable Juul Pods

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The authentic Juul pods like mint, Virginia tobacco and mango are delicious flavors. However, what if you want to try new flavors? That's what the refillable juul pods are for. 

W01 is the top refillable Juul pod in the market today. These are made for your juul device. Now with the W01, you have the option of trying a new wide range of ejuice flavors that are not available in pods. What is also about amazing about the W01 refillable juul pods is that you can refill them more than once.

Product features:

  • 0.7 ml pods
  • 1.8 ohm

This pack contains 4 pods in total. 

Why you should get these pods from us? Our offices are located in Texas, which means, unlike most international sites. We can deliver to all U.S. consumers within 2-3 business days.

What we guarantee: 

We 100% guarantee that these pods will work with your juul device and won't cause any harm to your e-cig device. 

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Customer Reviews

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I am not writing this review for the product but for the seller. I ordered 2 sets of these refillable pods almost a month back and still have received my order. Even though I have already paid. When i sent an email for a status update, I have been ignored... not even a sorry we will look into it. Horrible seller

Refillable Novo Pod

I order these online, and received a refund because they were no longer in stock, very disappointed. They could have gave me a coupon for inconvenience.

VERY tight fit

Great refillable pod but it snaps on the Juul with a Very tight fit, removing it requires precision pulling careful not to break the pod tank. Other than that, a great product. Haven't experienced leakage as of the 1st out of the 3 packs.