SMOK NORD Starter Kits

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One of the newest SMOK  products to be released is the beautiful SMOK Nord. this is going to be one of the best possible salt nicotine pod systems there is. it is basically the updated novo. the Smok Nord comes with a button! where you can simply turn the device on and off so you have no issues with auto-firing in your pocket!

the kit includes:
• 1 nord device (1100 MAH battery)
• 1 0.6 ohm mesh coil(recommended for regular e-liquid)
• 1 1.4 ohm regular coil(recommended for salt nicotine) or mouth to lung vapors.
• 1 USB Cable
• 1 User Cable

with the 0.6 ohm coil you are recommended to use free based nicotine which is regular e-liquid but if you put salt nicotine in the 0.6 ohm coil you will get a much harsher hit but if that's what you like then the 0.6 ohm coil is for you.

with the 1.4 ohm coil, you are recommended to use the salt based nicotine. this coil will give you a good strong hit which is very important to you mouth to lung users out there.

now with the new SMOK nord it comes with a pod, and a coil so you simply remove the coil from the pod when it burns out and you just throw the coil away. the pod is going to be a 3ML pod with mesh coils!

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Customer Reviews

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Leaks a lot. Otherwise not bad

Dont buy it

The smok nord i bought from here literally sucks i have to use a shirt just to hit my vape because it leaks so murch and the juice leaks alot from the coil and just sits where the pins are i have to clean it evry 10 mins i hate it just dont buy it.

It is face

It works good but its fake and it took almost 2 eeks for it to arive when i paid for shipping when i scanned the qr code it sent me to a fake sight and i serched up the code it came back to dolls and shirts and the grey scratch of didnt even scratch off it just smudged of and the rest of the qr code was the only thing there cmon no are you tying to scam us.

David Mejia
Smok nord

I recently ordered a smock Nord and it came when I opened it it only had the body no pod also ordered a ejuice that didn’t come

I don’t have my nord and juice yet

Is this a real site because if not you scammed my family we orders a nord and juice with 2 day delivery and it’s not here yet