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Aspire joined the salt wave creating the aspire breeze! They've recently redone this model and released the 2nd version of the Aspire Breeze. Now let's get down to the basics and the need to know's of this salt device. 

The aspire breeze is a pod device however, instead of throwing your entire pod away as you do with your suorin air, rolo badge by smok, mi pod, etc. You simple just replace the coil for this device. YES, you replace a COIL! So for this salt device you can actually use it for normal regular e-liquid, OR you can fill it up with your salt based, high nicotine e-liquid! 

Aspire Breeze 2 Battery:

  • 1000 mAh battery
  • 95mm x 35mm x 19mm
  • light weight feel
  • the battery life indicator will be on the deck where the pod goes and will flash up through the pod. 
    • orange and blue colors will indicate that you have a full battery
    • two blue lights will indicate that your battery is halfway charged
    • the two orange lights will indicate that your battery is low or dead
  • for charging purposes there's a charging port on the side of the device. DO NOT charge this battery overnight. Charging this battery overnight can kill the entire battery. You'll need to charge this device for an hour or two at most. 
  • front button for firing 
  • two buttons (one on each side) you'll need to press both to pop out the pod
  • 5 clicks on the firing button to turn on the device and 5 clicks to shut off the device

Aspire Breeze 2 Pod/coil system: 

  • 3ml pod
  • uses coils 
    • comes with a 1 ohm & a 0.6 ohm coil 
    • the 0.6 ohm coil will be best for a restricted lung hit while the 1.0 ohm coil will be best for mouth to lung hits

Now for setting up this device: 

  • When opening your box you'll see that your system is inside with two coils, a charging cable and a user manual. This device also comes with a warranty card and a spare parts bag.
  • You'll take your device out of the cover and take off the little protective mouthpiece cover. You'll then press the two buttons on each side to remove the pod. You'll then need to actually remove the mouthpiece.
  • Under the mouthpiece is a silver cap. This little silver cap is a must have so don't lose it! This piece allows you to adjust airflow and connect your coil.  You'll need to unscrew this piece and then once you've got this piece off you'll take which ever coil (the 1.0 ohm or the 0.6 ohm) and screw it into the silver cap you just removed. Then you'll put it back into the pod and screw it in. 
  • Next you'll flip over the pod and see this orange plug. You'll pull this piece back to fill up your pod. 
  • When you're done filling the pod up with your choice of e-liquid you'll then want to let this coil soak for 10-15 minutes. After, you'll put the pod back into the device and begin enjoying! 

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