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The all new Comma by HQD. A cool new design for a salt nic device. This device definitely stands out from the other salt nic devices. This one has a small led screen to let you know the battery life, your amount of puffs, and even records how long you hit the device for! The design seems a little weird at first but its actually pretty unique. This salt nic device is pretty small in size too it'll fit in the palm of your hand. Now let's just get down to all of the basics and need to knows of this device!

The box will include the comma device with one pod, user manual, and a usb charging cable


  • zinc alloy metal material giving the device a little bit of weight to it but not much.
  • size: 74mm x 57mm x 14mm
  • weighs 81g
  • 380 mAh battery that is rechargeable from the bottom of the device.
  • When charging this device do NOT charge overnight. Charge this device for an hour or two at most, you never want to overcharge these devices or they can die out on you quicker and eventually not even work.
  • Power 12w
  • led screen with puff timer, battery life, and how many seconds your device was firing for and a puff counter


  • 2ml capacity
  • 1.4 resistance on the pod it comes with
  • Obviously remove the sticker before filling your device up
  • Once the sticker is off you'll see a little rubber plug you're gonna remove that piece and fill your pod up then plug that piece right back in. Wipe down any juice on the pod to keep that from getting into your battery. 
  • Let your pod soak about 10-15 minutes before using to keep your pod lasting a good while for you

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