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Smok took it a level further and dropped a bombshell. The new SMOK Infinix Kit! A similar design to the juul, but refillable! 

This new Infinix Kit isn't here to play games. It has the same design as a juul only way better. You actually refill these pods with your choice of salt based nicotine! The colors are very simple and basic to choose from. There's only red, blue and black.

Despite the colors, these devices are really awesome. From personal use, I actually found this to be better than the Juul, because you can actually refill the device instead of buying pre-filled pods. It's much cheaper in the long as well. However, that's just my opinion.

These pods are very simple and easy to use, simply pull the pod out from the device and locate the rubber hole on the side of the pod that you can open and fill with your choice of salt based nicotine. Once you've filled the pod up wait about 5-10 minutes before using. You want to treat these as you would a coil and let it soak up the juice before hitting. This way your pod doesn't burn up quickly on you.

Once your SMOK Infinix pod is ready simply pop it back into the device and simply inhale and enjoy!

The SMOK Infinix Kit charging port is located on the bottom of the device. When fully charged these devices keep charging which can overcharge the battery and cause it to break the battery completely so beware of overcharging your device!

The device also has an led light indicator for battery!

110 x 19.5 x 11 mm 

2ml refillable pods

250 mAh battery

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