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The mi pod will wow you. The game keeps getting more and more competitive in the electronic cigarette world and the mi pod has knocked the ball out of the park. The most similar device to the mi one. However, with this device you are able to refill pods. 

So in the box you've got you mi pod device, a cartridge, usb charger, and a cute lanyard along with the user manual.

The cartridge is of course refillable, so you're able to purchase your own salt e-liquid for the device. This cartridge comes in a little black case that you will remove and at the bottom of the cartridge a clear rubber piece will be there and able to be removed in order to fill up the pod and plug back in. The mouth piece is located on top of the pod and is inserted into the device for usage. The pods I'd personally recommend soaking for a while before using since you can't actually prime this coil (putting juice directly on the cotton). Though, you can do dry hits with this pod before plugging it into the device. 

The voltage output is anywhere from 3.0- 4.2 volts

This device also has a 10 second cut off, low voltage prtection AND over heating protection AND low resistance protection.

Dimensions: 51mm x 13.5mm x 60mm

Maximum current: 15A

Cartridge resistance: 0.5 - 2.5 ohm

Battery: built in 950 mAh

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Customer Reviews

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leo soward
great little device

the only online vape shop i'll buy from.. always fast shipping and great prices!

Kalob Holmes
A little slow, but worth it

Best device, yet

Edgar Flores

I loved it thank you