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Smok steps their game up again and again. This time Smok is back and they're reaching out to the salt nic fans. Introducing the new Smok Rolo Badge! 

No it's not an officer badge, it's a rolo badge. The design for this salt device is sick! And of course, Smok had to create multiple colors for different preferences. They've got a couple of matte rubber paint colors and some slick metallic colors as well. There's many colors to choose from! 

Despite the colors, these devices are pretty cool. They've of course got the similar design as the suorin drop, And work the same way as well. From personal use, I actually found this to be better than the Suorin Drop, however, that's just me. Anyway, the rolo badge is of course a salt nic device and uses a pod system for usage. 

These pods are very simple and easy to use, simply pull the top off and flip it upside down. There you'll find two small rubber holes on each side that you can open and fill with your choice of salt based nicotine. Once you've filled the pod up wait about 5-10 minutes before using. You want to treat these as you would a coil and let it soak up the juice before hitting. This way your pod doesn't burn up quickly and you don't have that disgusting burnt cotton taste burned into your memory. Also, these pods are pretty freaking cool because they've got magnets attached helping it stay connected to the device.

Once your pod is ready simply pop it back into the device and simply inhale! Yes, I said simply inhale, no, there's no button needed to activate the device!

The Rolo badge also uses a charging port located on the left bottom side. NEVER leave this device on the charger over night due to overcharging. Charge this device for simply an our or two at most. When fully charged these devices keep charging which can over charge the battery and cause it to break the battery completely so beware of over charging your device!

73.3 x 50 x 12mm 

weighs 62 grams

battery is 250 mAh

10-16 watts

pods: 2ml

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