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Introducing the all-new dual 18650 battery, 200 watt Sigelei kit, the Snowwolf MFeng. This limited edition kit is the bomb. Having a 3D pop-out wolf emblem on the back of the mod, this kit is 100% an eye-catcher.

Sigelei is a world class brand based out of China. They're known for their amazing reputation and great quality. Sigelei is always giving 100% into their mods and tanks and we're here to break this one down into all the information you'll need for this kit.

The Wolf Tank:

  • 28 mm in diameter
  • able to hold 6 ml of e-liquid
  • bubble glass tank
  • top fill
  • bottom airflow that you can twist to adjust how much you'd prefer
  • will come with a .2 ohm coil that'll be pre-installed into the tank and will go from 60-150 watts
  • will come with a .16 ohm coil that'll blow your mind. This coil is able to go anywhere from 100-230 watts. Definitely start off at lower wattage's with this coil and work your way up the scale because if you do just hit it straight at the 200 watts it's going to burn up very quickly and have that gross burnt taste and just be a done coil. 
  • a 510 thread connection
  • 8/10 size for drip tip so you can change it out if you'd like
  • The top fill will have a nice seal so even when you're done filling your tank if you happen to drop it or flip it over the e-liquid won't pour out all over
  • to get to the coil you'll grab the base of the tank and unscrew it
  • You can also remove the glass piece to replace it and any seals (this kit will come with extra glass piece and an extra seal)

The Snowwolf MFeng Mod:

  • this mod is a dual 18650 battery (18650 batteries are NOT included)
  • will reach up to 200 watts and go as low as 10 watts
  • Has a power mode so you can select between normal, soft, or hard
  • obviously will have a firing button and two up and down buttons to adjust everything you'd like to on your mod
  • has a 510 connection thread
  • available in silver & black/full gold/ rainbow & black/bronze/white & gold/ black & gold/ stainless steel/ red & gold/ pink & gold
  • this mod will be 91.5mm x 49mm x 30mm
  • voltage output will go from 1 to 7.5
  • lowest atomizer resistance will be 0.05ohm
  • Sleek reflective color design for a flashy look
  • the temperature control setting will require that you use coils made of stainless steel, nickel, or titanium.
  • The back of the mod with the 3D wolf emblem will be a giant magnetic door that you can remove to put in your 18650 batteries.
  • When looking at the front of the mod with the screen the left side bar button will be your firing button. The cool thing about this is that the entire side bar will make the mod fire. So you can press the up, down, or even the middle of that bar to fire the mod. Sigelei just wanted a holding and pressing variety for their customers when they use the mod.
  • 5 clicks on the firing button to turn on/off the mod
  • If you would like to lock the mod to keep it from changing anything while it's in your pocket, purse, etc you can hold down the firing button and the left button under the screen at the same time to lock the mod. However, you can still fire the mod when it's locked. The lock mode will just keep your wattages from changing.
  • 3 clicks on the firing button will put you onto the settings display. 
    • on the mode menu you can change from wattage to temperature control, stainless steel
    • on the screen setting you can enter GUI or the Brightness. On GUI you can pick a different screen layout you prefer. Obviously on the Brightness you can adjust how bright you'd like your mod screen to be. You'll notice if you lower the brightness of the screen the colors will begin to change on the screen the lower you go. 
    • on the set menu you can go between power saving and preheat. On power saving you can turn it on or off and basically it'll just turn off the screen to save you some battery life. Once on the preheat setting you can pick between soft, normal, or hard. You can also adjust how long you want the mod to preheat the coil for you. However, on temperature mode you only have one option for preheating.  

Kit Includes:

  • 1 MFeng box mod of your color choice
  • 1 Wolf tank to match the box mod of your choice
  • an extra glass for your wolf tank
  • instructions
  • usb cable for charging purposes (however using a battery charger for the actual batteries would be better for your batteries and your mod)
  • Comes with 2 coils (.2ohm coil will be pre-installed & an extra .16ohm coil)

This kit is intended ONLY for ages 18+

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Its really nice

The mod is really nice and its a great deal i love it and is fast delivering they sent me the gold one and i order the black and silver is good thanks

Great service

Amazing customer service. Great products! Fast and reliable shipping!

This mod just looks so good

I love it :D


thank u guys, the shipping was so fast and packaging so beautiful. Also im in love with my new mod