Starter Kits - Smoant S8

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Smoant joined the salt wave recently putting Suorin Drops to shame. The all new Smoant S8 is going to have you blown away. 

Your smoant s8 kit is going to come with your device, pod, needle-nose bottle, user manual, warranty card, and a charging cable


  • this battery has constant voltage so from the very first hit down to the dead battery it will continuously give you a great full hit. 
  • on the side you'll have a charging doc where you can plug in your usb cable. Now when charging this device you DO NOT want to over charge and kill this battery. So this means no overnight charging, only an hour or two at most!
  • at the top of the battery your pod will insert
  • 370 mAh battery
  • blue lights on the deck means 30% or more charged 
  • red lights on the deck means 29% or less charged
  • battery is very sleek and fits into the palm of your hand
  • made of zinc alloy so it gives a bit of weight to this device but it's really not a lot


  • when you first fill up your pod there will be a sticker, obviously remove this sticker to fill up your pod. 
  • Once removed you'll see a little rubber flap that you can flip up and fill your juice into. 
  • Let the pod soak for 10-15 minutes before using so your cotton is fully soaked and you're not hitting any dry cotton.
  • Pods also have a magnetic feature to help the pod stay attached to the battery!
  • 2ml capacity
  • recommended 70/30 vg/pg to keep from leaking
  • 1.3ohm pod 7-12 watts

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