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Novo Pod System by Smok
starter kits - SMOK Novo Kit

starter kits - SMOK Novo Kit

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Smok recently launched their salt devices starting off with the rolo badge, infinix, and fit kit. Now they've released something even better and a different type of style/design for all of the salt nic lovers out here. 

Kit includes: 

  1. one smok novo device
  2. two refillable pods
  3. user manual
  4. usb charging cable

Novo device: 

A new slick design from SMOK. This device is small and portable and very much pocket friendly! This new design is very cool with a cobra color of your choice and very small for easy use and subtle for when out in public.  

  1. dimensions
  • 88.3 mm x24.3 mm x 14.3 mm 
  • battery
    • 450 mah battery that can be recharged usb (for charging purposes do NOT charge this battery over night, once fully charged and left on the charger the battery will continue to try to charge and just die altogether. Charge this device for an hour or two at most!)
    • LED battery life indicator
    • no buttons necessary for activating this device! just simply inhale
    • you can also use this device while it's charging!
    • available in cobra pink, black, red, white, rainbow, royal blue, prism blue, and green
  • wattage
    • 10w-16w
  • voltage
    • 3.3 - 4.2 volts
  • refillable pod system
    • 2ml capacity pods
    • refillable
    • curved mouth piece for better fitting
    • refill on the side of the pod
    • allow pods to soak for at least 30 min before using that way the cotton inside can be fully soaked
    • cloud production is pretty decent compared to their other salt nic devices

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