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This device is an alternative for smokers and beginners. The device itself is a pod system. The suorin air has refillable pods designed for salt nicotine based e-liquids. 

The pods are essentially your entire coil. They're simple to use and easy to remove. They're the entire black piece on the top of the colored device. They have a mouth piece in the top right corner for you to inhale your choice of e-liquid without the need of a button. At the bottom of the pod, you'll find a red plug that you can pull back to insert juice into the device. From there you'll plug the hole with that same red piece and continue to pop the pod into the actual device to begin using. However, as stated before these pods are like coils. Coils should always be primed before usage to save you from an angry temper fit and also a burnt pod. Though, you cant directly put juice on the cotton inside the pod as you could on a normal vape, you simply fill up the pod and allow it to soak for thirty minutes before using. It's even recommended that you can take dry hits on the pod to help with the priming process. What exactly is dry hit? Remover the pod from the suorin device and inhale on the pod till you begin to taste the flavor in your mouth. Once you feel as thought the pod is ready and okay to be burned you pop it right back onto the device and begin using. 

The suorin air is going to come with a usb charger you will use to recharge the device. Now, charging the actual device will only be for an hour-two. Never leave this device charging overnight or you'll find that the battery will begin to die quicker, and eventually just die completely. When using, the battery led light at the bottom will flash blue when drawing. As you continue to vape throughout your day the led light may glow red. This is to inform you that it's time to recharge for further usage. There isn't really a battery life time frame. This will all depend on your vaping habit. 

The suorin air will also include a user manual. This manual will answer all questions I haven't answered for you already. Sadly, the suorin kit does not come with any salt nic juice to be used so you will need to purchase that separately. 

The wattage on the 400mAh battery pushes 16 watts. The pod itself is a 2ml and will not need to be refilled more than once a day. 

Battery: 400mAh

Wattage: 16 watts

Pod: 2ml

Size: 8mm thin

Dimensions: 88 x 45 x 8 mm

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