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Many people are tired of vaping the same mint and mango juul pods. That why we are introducing the top 5 Strawberry Juul Pods. A list of off-brand juul pods that work perfectly with your device. These brands usually give you a better value and stronger flavor than the real ones. 

One of our top selling strawberry juul pod is the Jones Strawberry Pink. This brand is very special and unique. How? Well, take the fact that each pack contains 5 pods. Also, each pod is 1.2ml which is almost TWICE THE SIZE of the .7 authentic cartridges. What is also special about Jones is that it's 100% made in America. 

Other brands in this list is Pod King, ZIIP, and Eonsmoke. Each of these brands has its own fans. For strong hits, get the Eonsmoke Strawberry to shake. They have a 6% nicotine strength. 

Product features: Jones

  • 4.5% Salt Nic Strength
  • 5 Pods a pack
  • Strawberry Flavored
  • 1.2ml ejuice in each cartridge

Pod King and ZIIP

  • 5% strength 
  • 4 pods a pack
  • 1ml pod size


  • 6% strength 
  • 1ml size

NOTE: Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

*Juul doesn't endorse or manufacture these pods. 


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Compatible with Juul

This pod is compatible with Juul. Sometimes you might get a dud a pod doesn't work but overall this is a good pod.