The Pod King - Glazed Donut (Compatible)

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This is it, the king of all pods. Introducing the pod king, the newest addition to our Juul compatible pods. The Pod King pods work perfectly with your device.

Glazed Donuts by the Pod King will be your go-to pod because the pod king has managed to flawlessly recreate the taste that we crave for on the weekends. Glazed donuts is a must try. 

  • 5% Nicotine
  • 1ml pods
  • 4 pods in a pack

Why we love Glazed Donuts pods? Maybe because of how tasty and delicious these pods it will remind you of Krispy Kreme donuts. 

Ships within 1-2 days from our offices in Texas, USA.

*This pod is not made my Juul*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Worst company ever

I placed a $40 order over a week ago and not only has it not shipped yet a full week after placing my order, these clowns running this company have completely ignored my attempts to inquire about my order status or get my money back. Never fucking ordering from this shithole website again

Lesson learned.

The flavor is good but issues with leaking. I use a rush and a juul device and the first pod was having trouble even working. Don't think I'll be ordering again.

Hated them

These are godawful. The one I actually used was leaking a little but no more than a typical shipped pod to me. The rest in the sealed packs have what’s basically a small pool even though they’re in a cool, dark location. The taste was horrific. It tastes nothing like milk, cream, cinnamon, nada. It’s just horrible and I can’t believe I spent money on it.

What's going on with pod king?

I feel the need to update my review. I ordered 12 glazed donut and 12 mango milk. More than half the pods didn't work and the rest would leak horribly that I have to clean and dry my device every single time use a pod purchased here. What's going on? These are two of my favorite flavors and I hope 2nd wife vape will get to the bottom of this issue because it's apparently becoming such a huge problem with others too.

Flavor good. Pod consistency bad.

I like to vape on this with my morning coffee. The flavor is nice and sweet. Taking away 2 stars because out of 4 boxes, a good chunk of the pods came either dead or leaking terribly. When 1 or 2 pods out of a pack of 4 just don't work, it's a real buzzkill and a nice waste of money. It may be because of summer and the heat causing problems in shipment. I'll likely order more from Pod King when it's fall or winter and juice is too thick to leak out or jack up the contacts.