The Pod King - Glazed Donut (JUUL Compatible)

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This is it, the king of all pods. Introducing the pod king, the newest addition to our Juul compatible pods. The Pod King pods work perfectly with your Juul device.

Glazed Donuts by the Pod King will be your go-to pod because the pod king has managed to flawlessly recreate the taste that we crave for on the weekends. Glazed donuts is a must try. 

  • 5% Nicotine
  • 1ml pods
  • 4 pods in a pack

Why we love Glazed Donuts? Maybe because of how tasty and delicious these pods it will remind you of Krispy Kreme donuts. 

Ships within 1-2 days from our offices in Texas, USA.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Closest to creme brulee I've found and so yummy.The pods smoke exactly like original juul pods being that they last a very long time and there is not leakage as well as any kind of strange taste if you are to pull too hard sometimes on off brand pods the coil can get you hot and it gives a funny taste. My review for these being 1 absolutely terrible in 10 perfect, these deserve a 10 from an avid juul user. Next best thing and last but not least you get a bang for your buck so take advantage of it.

The Best. Ever.

I just canceled my automatic monthly subscription with juul for their mango flavor. After trying this, I cant stand the taste of mango by juul. Absolutely love this flavor. I also like mango milk by Pod King. I rarely ever submit a review however this flavor is simply perfect and deserves all stars. Thank you 2nd wife vape. Forever loyal customer right here. You're the greatest!

Best pod taste I've ever had

Glazed doughnut has become my favorite pod for JUUL over the JUUL mango made pod. This is the only place I know where to get them. Just stocked up on more. Looking forward to the Pod King mango milk I ordered this week

Too sweet for me

I loved glazed donuts, this was way too sweet for me and the flavor was a bit off.


They taste great and last longer than most pods I've tried